Does Hot Bambu have any specific flavor when used?

No. Hot Bambu Charcoal burns very clean. It is made from bamboo for its sustainability and superior heating results. It allows enjoyment of the natural flavor and aroma of the food you are grilling with no after taste.

Why is your charcoal more expensive per pound than wood lump?

Actually, it’s a better value for the amount you receive. Bamboo is just as dense as hard wood but lighter weight, so is the charcoal made from bamboo. Compare our volume to any other brand. You get twice the volume per pound, so it’s actually a better value than a pound of wood lump.

How does Hot Bambu Charcoal produce such high heat?

Bamboo Charcoal is naturally dense and strong. When carbonized bamboo is burned as charcoal, it achieves high heat and maintains temperature well with controlled oxygen. The condensed growth structure of bamboo creates hot, long, and clean burning charcoal.