About Hot Bambú

Carbon Bamboo L3C is proud to supply "Hot Bambú" Bamboo lump charcoal products to chefs and grilling enthusiasts everywhere. Finally there is a choice in natural carbonized charcoal that uses no trees, no fillers, and no chemicals. You have a healthy and natural choice for almost every product on the market for you, your family, and planet earth. Now you have a choice in your charcoal. "Hot Bambú" is the first and only lump bamboo charcoal for grilling in the U.S. market. Using Carbon Bamboo charcoal products allow consumers and companies to lessen their carbon footprint and help not contribute to deforestation, while giving back!

Established in 2014, Carbon Bamboo L3C is partnered with many sustainable bamboo plantations and groves. Bamboo is know for its strength, density, and fast growth. Because of those properties our bamboo lump charcoal is high quality, high performance and made on a truly sustainable level.